The Whipple Way 4 Week No Fluff Weight Loss Program

How to lose up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks, without counting a single calorie!

I won't waste your time with a 35-minute sales video or some long winded pitch.

The simple truth is obesity is an epidemic and we are getting fatter and fatter. And the worst part is when you try another diet and fail you "teach" yourself that you are different and can't lose weight. Self image suffers and the simple truth is it doesn't have to! 

Here's what Pam said after starting my program. "Four weeks and a hundred dollars is NOTHING to those of us who have spent a lifetime trying to lose weight with every gimmick on the market and who have lost nothing but our money and our self-esteem. Four weeks is enough time to tell if this is genuine or flash in the pan."

And then she shared the part I loved and you should to. "I lost 6.6 lbs this week. Under any circumstances that would be great, in my opinion. However, what I never said was that I am a slowwwwwwwww loser. When others would start WW and lose 5 lbs the first week, I would lose 1.8 every...single...time..I checked this morning on two scales because I didn't believe it. 6.6 it is. Mercy!

I loved what Pam shared next "Thank you for your help this week. Please continue to have patience with me. I have been on this road a long time. But today is a beautiful day!"

So if you understand what has changed in the SAD (standard American diet) and what has to change in what you eat and don't eat you can end yo-yo dieting and weight gain. 

I'm running a very special 4-week ONLINE weight loss group. We'll work one-on-one to establish your goals and put together an individualized plan you can follow.

We'll do a LIVE group coaching call every week. I'll answer all your questions. We'll talk why weight loss is usually not lasting, how to change that, what to eat and not eat and lots more. Plus, there will be a private online Facebook group to network with your fellow members and get even more support.

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